The Non-Profit Center of Wichita Falls

Teens Make a Difference


Teens Make A Difference 2016 was a HUGE success with over 2,100 teen and adult volunteers and more than 65 projects completed!  Thank you to all of you that so generously donated their time, hard-work, supplies, and projects this year…we couldn’t have done it without you!

We hope that everyone, and more, will join us this year
to continue creating the next generation of volunteers!
Saturday, October 28th, 2017

*****All Clickable information coming soon!*****


Teen Group Volunteer Form (CLICK HERE)- Are you a teacher, church youth group, coach, parent or leader of an extra-curricular social youth group that would like to get a group of youth involved in taking part in their community? Fill this form out and return it to us and we will pair your group up with a project. If you have your own project just fill out a project form and turn that in with your Teens form. 

Project Form (CLICK HERE)- Are you an organization, school, church, city administrator or business needing help with any painting, yard work, cleaning, picking up trash and so much more or just a senior living facility that would like some spirited teens to spend some time with the residents? Fill out the form and return it to us and we will assign a teen group to your project. 

Adult Volunteer Form (CLICK HERE)- Are you wanting to help get involved and take part in your community as well as become a role model for some area youth? Fill out the form and return it to us and we will pair you up with a teen group to help clean up our community. 

Individual Teen Volunteer Form (CLICK HERE)- Do you have a teen or are you a teen that would like to take part in their community? Click the link and fill out our new form and we will place your teen or teens up with a group around their age rage and/or same school your child attends (unless otherwise requested and if a group from that school is available) then pair them with a project.